Meet the Team

Alisa Smith

Alisa Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia, and has spent the last twenty years working in the senior care industry. Some of these positions include Director of Social Services at a local nursing and rehab facility, Counselor at the Aging & Disability Resource Connection, and many years as a hospice social worker. Alisa’s professional life includes her commitment to serving the needs of seniors in our community. She is specially trained in the issues commonly facing older adults and their families, and specializes in navigating the complexities of elder care, relieving seniors and their families of the stress and anxiety that so often comes along with it. Alisa is also has experience with working with state and local resources, care providers, and care services to ensure the best outcomes and quality of life.

Tracie Ashley

Tracie is a motivated, passionate sales professional who excels at connecting and building relationships with her clients. With more than ten years in sales, she has built a reputation for working hard with a total commitment to her clients. Tracie is compassionate about her client’s wants and needs, and makes it her number one goal to find the best fit possible for them and their families.

She did not get into this profession by accident. It was a calling. The need to help people and care for others is a trait that runs deep in her family. Tracie was her mom’s caregiver for years and was honored to be there through all the difficulties; the hospital stays, rehab visits, transition to hospice, and then going home.

Tracie is a consummate professional that puts families first, with a focus on their care, happiness, and well-being.